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Boarder Kontrol - the most practical skateboard for commuting

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  • Ride the board normally - The board is a normal high-performance cruiser board for commuting.
  • Brake with control on hills - You will stop just like a car, bike or scooter.
  • Carry your board - You will always have a free hand to carry a phone, tablet, laptop or briefcase. Perfect for a busy city life.
  • Pack the leash away - Packs down to fit in your hand, clip to your belt or go in your pocket.

How the brakes work?

  • The leash pulls a cable.
  • The cable pulls on brake levers.
  • Brake levers push pads against steel discs.
  • The harder you pull, the quicker the board stops.
  • The rider is simultaneously braced by the leash.

The History of Boarder Kontrol - how we unravelled an 80 year old mystery

Streetboardz has been manufacturing skateboards and distributing internationally since 2009. Four years ago, during a product meeting, we became curious when we noted that skateboards were the only wheeled vehicles not fitted with standardised brakes. Further exploration and research confirmed that this is for a good reason. Bikes, cars and scooters have practical braking systems because handlebars, seats and seat belts brace the operator but a skateboard rider (standing upright) is vulnerable to the forward forces created if a board slowed suddenly with a rider standing on top. Subsequent research indicated that this lack of control was a major deterrent for many people from ever considering to ride a skateboard. So we experimented with bracing options and the Boarder Kontrol braking concept was born.

Then came the testing

Ten prototypes and four years later, we have a product that has amazed every skater who has ridden it - even the hard-core and sceptics. The leash simultaneously engages the brakes and braces the rider from the forward inertia experienced as the board slows. Because the braking discs are small, we discovered that the brakes didn't 'grab' or 'bite', rather the brake engagement was gradual and smooth and the rear arm action came very naturally to all riders. During testing we found that the extra '3rd point of contact' also provided riders with extra stability and falling off the skateboard became less likely - particularly for beginners. Then highly skilled skateboard riders who could brake by dragging their foot or power-sliding were all amazed at the control the Boarder Kontrol braking system provided. It was at his time we decided to patent the innovation in all major markets and make the Boarder Kontrol braking concept a reality. We have chosen to launch via Kickstarter because we are fans of the platform and we want to reward early adopters and our supporters.


Boarder Kontrol is a registered trademark wholly owned by Streetboardz International Pty Ltd and the Boarder Kontrol leash-activated braking system has been patented in most major commercial markets.

Streetboardz is board-riding development company (we've been skating, surfing and snowboarding long enough to know). The Directors are Anthony Haddleton and David Goggin.

We have been manufacturing skateboards and distributing internationally since 2009. Our core product range have been specialised skateboards which are used for surf training.

We regularly work with coaches and experts across all disciplines of board-riding to design, manufacture and supply equipment which can benefit board-riders.

Surfing Australia's internationally recognised “Hurley High Performance Centre” has been using Streetboardz as an integral part of their skill development programs and we estimate that over 80% of Australian pro-junior surfers would have trained on Streetboardz at some stage in their surfing careers over the past 5yrs.

Additionally Surf Coaches all over the world use the Streetboardz surf training boards as coaching tools for their surfers. These coaches include; Barton Lynch ASP World Champion 1988 and world-renowned surfing coach Martin Dunn.

There are enthusiastic Streetboardz riding/carving clubs all over the world with a combined social media community of over 20,000 fans/supporters.

The board specs

  • Weight: 3.75 kilograms
  • 8 ply deck suitable for all weights
  • Length: 37.5 inches long
  • Wheels: Diameter - 70 mm, Hardness - 83A
  • Bearings: ABEC 7
  • Board Performance: It goes well! - it has been set up by professionals.

Replaceable brake pads

The brake pads ($4 per set x 2) are replaceable presenting a sensible option in comparison to $100 skate-shoes.

The Leash/Carry Strap

  • The leash simultaneously engages the brake and braces the rider.
  • The leash is a one-time adjustable strap. It can be set for a person of any height; both adults and children.
  • The leash converts to carry strap. First clip to the rear cable, then slip handle over a front wheel.
  • The leash pack inside the handle creating a small velcro case to conveniently fit in a pocket, attach to a belt or slip over your hand.

How well can you stop on steep hills?

Our Kickstarter video was filmed on Alexander St, Collaroy, NSW, the most revered hill in our district - the Boarder Kontrol board was able to be stopped at any time on this hill.

Check out our testing hill here on Google Earth

Our braking tips

Alexander Street was great test for the Boarder Kontrol board. Boarder Kontrol will stop you but the steeper the hill the more difficult it will be for you to stop.

  • The steeper you go the more difficult it will be to stop.
  • Don't let the board run away on you with too much speed.
  • If you pick up too much speed, the board will be more difficult to stop.
  • It's best to control your speed with a combination of turns and braking.

Expected braking power

  • Imagine the stopping power you would experience if you just applied the rear brakes on your bicycle.
  • This will be similar to the braking power of the Boarder Kontrol board as it only applies brakes to the rear wheels of the skateboard.


  • We recommend riders to always wear a helmet and protective gear.
  • We recommend to not allow a board to roll faster than the rider can run.
  • Always check parts for wear and tear and check for loose nuts, bolts or screws.
  • Avoid riding near traffic and/or obstacles.
  • Observe all local traffic laws, rules and regulations.
  • The steel brake disc can become very hot after extensive braking, do not touch the steel disc within 10 minutes of use.
  • Skateboard riding is an extreme activity, we are attempting to make it safer but people who choose to ride a skateboard do so at their own risk.

Maintenance checks

  • Always check parts for wear and tear and regularly check all adjustable parts; nuts, bolts, screws, cables and leash.
  • Skidding the rear wheels by braking hard will create flat-spots which then quickly deteriorate - one skid will begin the deterioration.
  • There is no warranty against flat-spots, this is recognised as fair wear and tear.
  • Defective parts or workmanship are covered under a 6 month warranty.

First time riders

  • Most skate coaches will tell you that the greatest problem first-time skateboard riders experience is the skateboard rolling out from under them.
  • Boarder Kontrol helps to prevent this problem, now beginners can more safely learn 'balance while in motion.'

The Retro-fitted kit

Please note that the Retro-fitted rear truck will only match a longboard with a reverse angle King-pin truck set (which is how most longboards are set up).

The Retro-fitted kit comes complete with the parts pictured below

  • Adjustable Leash/Carry Strap
  • Front wheels to fit to your existing front truck (so that you have a full set of 4 matching wheels).
  • An extra set of 2 x replacement brake pads.
  • A 20mm hole-saw drill-bit to drill a hole in your existing skateboard deck.

The Parts

All replacement parts will be available on the Streetboardz website from May 2016.

  • Standard bicycle brake cables can be used to replace the brake cable.
  • Our rear wheels are unique, they have a moulded core that slots 'male to female' over the stainless steel brake discs.

Regular replacement parts

  • Outward thrust roller pin bearings (for outer rear wheels).
  • Replacement brake pads.
  • Wheels (front and back) of varying colours and hardnesses.
  • Brake cables (rarely required).
  • Abec 7 inner wheel bearings.
  • Replacement leashes.


During the past two years, Streetboardz has been woking closely with ski schools and ski resorts to develop a Boarder Kontrol Snowboard. The intention is to develop a snowboard which can make life easier for beginners.

The Boarder Kontrol snowboard works the same as the skateboard; a leash activates a brake and the rider is simultaneously braced, a blade grabs the snow to slow then stop the snowboard.

This project has exhibited promising results but the product still requires further development, we will keep you updated on future progress.

Contact us

Mailing Address: PO BOX 611 LAURIETON