Introducing the leash activated brake. The high performance brake lets you control your speed, while the self bracing leash stop you falling forwards.

— A surprisingly intuitive concept.

steep hills are no longer a problem
Expertly Engineered
800 watts of continuous heat dissipation

With integrated air ducts, cooling fins and hight temperature bearings, the disc rotors on our skateboard brake give industry leading performance. Able to sustain a whopping 800 watts of continuous heat dissipation, this design has been verified with extensive testing on some of the toughest hills in Australia.

Makes learning easier

Our leash activated brake solves the problem of skateboards rolling out from underneath beginners.

Three simple steps

Place your back foot on the board, near the rear truck.


Pull on the leash to activate the brake.


Step on with with your front foot and gently release the brake.

Exceptional features and design

Designed by professionals, Boarder Kontrol longboards look fantastic yet feel balanced and predictable.

  • 70mm diameter wheels with 83A hardness cruise over payment cracks and small stones
  • 10 inch trucks give low speed stability
  • 50 degree pivot angle respond to aggressive carving
  • 3mm positive rake hangers provide return-to-center control
  • 37.5 inch cruiser deck encourages a relaxed stance
  • 8 ply deck construction is suitable for all weights
  • A generous kick-tail enables gutter hops and quicker board retrieval

Add a brake to control your speed and a leash that folds up to fit in your pocket and you have a longboard that will journey down roads less traveled.

— Explore your freedom with Boarder Kontrol.

So why get a longboard?
  1. Fitness
  2. Strength
  3. Balance
  4. Short distance commuting
  5. Environmentally friendly
  6. Portable

Mostly — because its fun!


Retro Fit Kit


US Dollars

  • Brake Truck Assembly (10″ )
  • Brake Mounting Hardware
  • Matching Front Wheels (∅70 x 55)
  • Spare Brake Pads
  • Adjustable Leash
  • Hole Saw (∅22mm)
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