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Product Information

Boarder Kontrol Snow

Boards Sizes:
110 cm , 115 cm , 120 cm , 125 cm , 130 cm , 135 cm , 140 cm , 145 cm , 150 cm , 155 cm
Each board comes with a leash, blade and bracket. The blade is quickly removable to facilitate easy stacking of boards.

Boarder Kontrol Skate

The Boarder Kontrol Skateboard is scheduled to be launched via Kickstarter in September 2015. There will be two sizes; a 37 inch board and a 30 inch board. This skateboard is excellent for commuting and charging large hills, a rider will experience braking control similar to when cruising on a bicycle.

The Boarder Kontrol skateboard is also excellent for beginners when learning to ride a skateboard, the board will not roll out from under beginners' feet and so give them confidence to progress

About us

Boarder Kontrol is a brand owned by Streetboardz International Pty Ltd. Streetboardz is an Australian company that focuses on the development, manufacture and distribution of products that help board-riders to improve their board-riding skills.

Boarder Kontrol is also a concept. A concept of pulling on a leash with the trailing hand while riding a board.The leash facilitates speed control, extra stability and bracing against any forward momentum.

Oz Snow, Thredbo and Streetboardz are collaborating in an attempt to make snowboard learning easier.

Boarder Kontrol is being used this year at Thredbo by Oz Snow

Trials & Research Studies:

Victoria University was commissioned to undertake a research study on the performance and perceptions of beginning snowboarders during the 2014 season at Thredbo Alpine resort.

The Four key findings from this study were:

  • BK lessons can expect to travel up to 3 times further over a 2hr period.
  • Mental Readiness Questionnaires confirmed that BK equipment improves confidence and reduces feelings of fear & anxiety for 'First-time' riders.
  • Riders become 'Fall -line' focussed sooner.
  • BK accelerated progressive learners to the blue runs sooner and they were controlling speed by linking turns rather than side-slipping.

The BK learning progression is recognised in the current edition of the APSI level 1 Snowboard instructor's teaching manual.

50/50 snowboard academy, in Folgaria Italy implemented the BK program during the 2015 winter season, consistently getting ' irst-time' riders to successfully descend 'intermediate-blue' runs within 6hrs of instruction, and without the need for the brake.


Q: Will I need to use a BK board with braking system during lessons?
A: Yes- Thredbo Snow Sports will provide you with a board for use during the season. Instructors BK boards will be housed at the Friday Flat rental shop.

Q: Do guests form 'Bad-Habits' as a result of using BK boards?
A: No – this was one of the key indicators tested last season. In fact riders in the BK test group tended to rely less on 'side- slipping and became 'Fall-line' focussed sooner.

Q: Does the BK blade cause damage to the slope surface?
A: No- we have been using BK on Friday Flat for the past 3 seasons with no evidence of furrowing or other noticeable damage to the slope surface.

Q: What is the risk of novice riders engaging the brake while riding in a fackie direction?
A: Minimal. The design of the blade is such that it is difficult to fully engage the brake while riding in a fackie position.

Q: What is the risk of the leash getting caught during lift loading/ unloading?
A: We recommend that the leash be detached and stored in your pocket as you enter the lift queue.

Q: When can we instruct riders to detach the leash/braking system?
A: As soon as you consider it appropriate. There are 3 settings on BK boards.
1. Leash attached with brake able to be engaged.
2. Leash attached with brake unable to be engaged.
3. Leash removed.

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