About Us

Boarder Kontrol is a registered trademark wholly owned by Streetboardz International Pty Ltd and the Boarder Kontrol leash-activated braking system has been patented in most major commercial markets (Search US20150101892).

Streetboardz is board-riding development company (we’ve been skating, surfing and snowboarding long enough to know). Our managing director is Anthony Haddleton and our design engineer is Dr Henry Thomas.

We have been manufacturing skateboards with international distribution since 2009. Our core product range are specialised skateboards used for surf training.

We regularly work with coaches and experts across all disciplines of board-riding to design, manufacture and supply equipment that benefits board-riders.

Surfing Australia’s internationally recognised “Hurley High Performance Centre” has been using Streetboardz as an integral part of their skill development programs and we estimate that over 80% of Australian pro-junior surfers would have trained on Streetboardz at some stage in their surfing careers over the past five years.

Additionally Surf Coaches all over the world use the Streetboardz surf training boards as coaching tools for their surfers. These coaches include; Barton Lynch ASP World Champion 1988 and world-renowned surfing coach Martin Dunn.

There are enthusiastic Streetboardz riding/carving clubs all over the world with a combined social media community of over 20,000 fans/supporters.


Anthony Haddleton

Managing Director


Dr Henry Thomas

Design Engineer